Aspirin'doesn't prevent heart attack in diabetics'

The health benefits of aspirin may not be as great for diabetic patients as many doctors believe.

Professor Jill Belch of the University of Dundee Institute of Cardiovascular Research writes in the British Medical Journal of the factors which influence how beneficial prescribed aspirin may be.

She notes that evidence supports the suggestion that aspirin can prevent heart disease only in patients who have previously suffered some form of cardiac damage or failure.

Aspirin 'doesn't prevent heart attack in diabetics'

The news may be welcomed by those hoping to maintain active living but who have experienced diabetes or heart failure in the past.

However, sufferers of diabetes types 1 and 2 with no history of cardiac illness may not benefit from taking aspirin, Professor Belch claims.

Meanwhile, patients hoping to maintain active living conditions but who have Alzheimer's have been told that vitamin B may not be the answer.

Bloomberg reports research from the Journal of the American Medical Association in which the supplement is linked with an amino acid believed to be connected with the onset of Alzheimer's.

However, patients experienced the same rates of memory loss when given vitamin B as when a placebo was offered, scientists found.

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