Seniors'worried about the future'

Seniors in the US are concerned that the American dream they "had all lived for" and the futures they wished for their children and grandchildren was crumbling, it has been noted.

In news that may be of interest to those seeking active living advice, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, a convention for retired Californians held this weekend, offered many such individuals the chance to voice their fears.

Seniors 'worried about the future'

George Kourpias, president of the organization, said: "We were all told by our parents, 'You're going to be much better off than we were' ... We are better off than our parents were. But what about our kids and grandkids?"

And at the forefront of many attendees' agendas was a series of cuts that had been made to adult day care and Alzheimer's programs.

Diana Madoshi, a 63-year-old attendee, said she was concerned the support network for seniors was "diminishing".

Meanwhile, an article on the online pages of City View has claimed that people should do their homework if they are considering putting themselves or someone they know into a nursing home.

It was also advised that such individuals may wish to consider opting for a facility near to where they live.

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