Homecare monitors'offer choice'

Installing health monitors for patients who wish to return home after undergoing treatment or surgery at a hospital could offer them more choice, it has been asserted.

In news that may be of interest to those seeking homecare for themselves or a friend or family member, the Arizona Republic notes that such a system involves fitting a blood-pressure cuff, a pulse oximeter and a computer monitor that is able to capture and transfer data to a remote site where nurses can screen the results.

Homecare monitors 'offer choice'

Gerald Dombek, who had come out of hospital after being treated for pneumonia and heart problems, experienced the benefit of such a scheme.

"You really can't get rest in a hospital, so I said, 'Sure [to being monitored from home]. My big thing was - I'd do anything to get out of the hospital," he explained.

Heart failure, diabetes and chronic obstructive-pulmonary disease are the most common conditions the use of the system is beneficial for.

Mr Dombek said that it made him feel good to know that there was a health professional looking out for him.

Meanwhile, a study by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute researchers and their colleagues has claimed that of end-of-life conversations between patients and caregivers may be beneficial to both parties, Eurekalert notes.

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