New Alzheimer's work planned

The supply of a $1.87 million grant to the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy is expected to allow for new research into Alzheimer's care.

Researchers are set to use the grant on working to discover a new drug class that will treat Alzheimer's disease.

Lead investigator in the study, professor Gregory Thatcher, proposed more than ten years ago that nitric oxide could help to combat this disease if delivered to the brain.

New Alzheimer's work planned

"But this wasn't a popular notion, because nitric oxide is a free radical gas and toxic at higher concentrations," the expert said.

Currently, there are no drugs to slow the onset of Alzheimer's, the professor notes, adding that even drugs treating the symptoms are an "enormous benefit" to those giving and receiving Alzheimer's care.

Earlier this week, the American Academy of Neurology noted that people with more mentally demanding jobs and a greater level of education may have greater protection from the memory loss that comes before the onset of Alzheimer's disease.

The claims come following the results of a study of 242 people with Alzheimer's, 144 with no memory problems and 72 with mild impairments.

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