Family should support residents

There is a "great need" for family members to support loved ones who have moved into a care home if they can no longer manage to look after them at home, one sector commentator has claimed.

In news that may be of interest to those seeking skilled nursing care for a senior friend or relative, Dewan Williams, clinical coordinator for the Practical Nursing program at Brown Mackie College, Ohio, works with nursing students who are training on a placement

She said residents who do not receive outside visitors can sometimes feel isolated or alone.

Family should support residents

"Of course the facility staff cares for them, but for some, my students and I are the only sunshine that comes in from the outside world," Ms Williams added.

However, she explained that it was important to keep in mind that the residents themselves had made "huge transitions" by moving away from their former home, North Florida News daily reports.

Ms Williams recommended that relatives call a home in advance to arrange a visit, bring news of what is going on with acquaintances and be realistic about when they will next be able to call.

Meanwhile, Arizona Republic has noted that health monitors may allow people to lead independent lives for longer.

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