Candidates offer"vague outlines"for long term care

With the US presidential election less than three weeks away, the two major candidates have only offered "vague outlines" as to their policies on long term care, it has been claimed.

Liza Berger, writing on the online pages of McKnight's, said many people, including both seniors and those in the industry, were now being left with question marks as to what the future could hold.

Candidates offer

Alan Rosenbloom, president of the Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care, said: "It's extremely difficult to honestly assess what each candidate means to long-term care in general and nursing home facilities in particular."

Making his comments in late August, Mr Rosenbloom added that at that point neither party appeared to have detailed plan focused on the matter.

However, he went on to note that the "odds are good" that a debate on healthcare reform would arise within the coming four years, regardless of whether Barack Obama or John McCain ended up winning the election.

Meanwhile, according to the Miami Herald, both candidates have claimed that the US healthcare system needs an overhaul, despite their policies differing on the issue.

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