Older drivers'should face re-test'

Elderly drivers should have to carry out a top-up motoring test, a new poll has found.

The survey, carried out by Autonational Rescue, revealed that 83 per cent of respondents believed the driving skills of pensioners should be re-examined.

However, it was not simply younger road users who made this assertion, as more than half of the people aged over 65 also supported the move.

In news that may be of interest to those seeking retirementhomes.com/homes/Active_Lifestyle/index.html" target="_self">active living advice, 40 per cent of motorists felt that drivers aged over 70 should receive a re-test, while 12 per cent said the same should be true for the age of 60.

Autonational's marketing manager Ronan Hart said: "Elderly drivers can, at present, carry on using their car by declaring themselves fit on a self-assessment form, but it has been suggested that cognitive tests and eye examinations should be compulsory if an over-70 driver wants to carry on using the road."

However, he went on to note that older motorists rely more on their vehicles.

Meanwhile, This Is Kent has reported that 89-year-old Fergus Anckornhas obtained a certificate in advanced driving in response to comments made by comedian Jo Brand that she would like to see older motorists taken off the roads.

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