'Collaboration needed'for healthcare reform

The key to healthcare reform in the US will be collaboration between the federal government and states, it has been asserted.

In news that may be of interest to those seeking nursing care for themselves or a loved one, the authors of a commentary in a special Health of the Nation issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association noted that this may lead to barriers and challenges to affordable care being overcome.

'Collaboration needed' for healthcare reform

Ezekiel Emanuel, of the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda and co-author US Senator Ron Wyden said that governors and state legislators could not be expected to act alone to reform the sector.

However, by working with federal officials, they may together be able to "meet the health care needs of all Americans".

"The American public wants what only the federal government can guarantee - that all Americans, regardless of where they reside or work or any other characteristic, have high-quality, affordable health care," the authors concluded.

Meanwhile, seniors in the US are becoming increasingly concerned about the ability they will have to retire comfortably, according to the Transamerica Retirement Survey.

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