Silver surfers on the rise

The number of over-50s using the internet is currently on the rise.

According to research carried out by Alliance & Leicester, nearly three-fifths (58 per cent) of individuals in this age group use the internet to organise their finances and nearly six-in-ten (59 per cent) say that they are happy to purchase products online.

Emma Walkley, current account manager at Alliance & Leicester, said: "Many of the over-50s now choose to engage in the social side of the internet and also have the confidence to organise many aspects of their life online.

Silver surfers on the rise "

Furthermore, she noted that it was pleasing to see that so many older persons were taking internet security seriously.

Meanwhile, Big Mouth Media recently reported on the Queen's visit to the headquarters of Google.

The news source noted that the monarch is continuing her mantra of "moving with the times".

Her guide for the day Chad Hurley claimed that the Queen and Prince Philip were very interested in everything that was going on at the company and were reportedly charmed by a clip of a laughing child which was shown to them on the online video site YouTube.

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