Seniors Eligible for Driver's Insurance Discount

In over half the United States, there are state laws mandating insurance discounts for citizens over a certain age. Are you eligible to receive an insurance premium discount? That depends on a lot of things, including:

  • Your insurance company. By far, the most important variable is the company that insures you. Every rule is set by these companies, ultimately, and they have some flexibility in how they offer their discounts.
  • Where you live. Not every state requires insurance companies to give discounts. But even if your state does not mandate a discount, your insurance company may offer one. Although 33 states require discounts to be offered, in many additional states insurance companies provide the discount despite not being required to do so.
  • Your age. The minimum age at which you can receive a discount varies depending on your state. Especially if you have recently moved or recently celebrated a birthday, be sure to check and see what the current age requirement is for senior insurance discounts.
  • Your driving record. Again, the rules for this can vary by company and by state. In some cases, you cannot receive the senior discount if you have had certain moving violations or have been in an accident.
  • How recently you've taken an approved driver safety course. Some insurance companies require you to take a refresher course every two or three years. Some go by the state rules, and some can be stricter. You may be permitted to take your course online rather than in a classroom. Some insurance companies require you to take the course only from a single provider of their choosing.

Your first step is to contact your insurance company and ask them what their senior driver insurance discount rules are for the area where you live. They can give you all the details you need in order to get a discount and cut your premiums by up to 15%. You've earned the title of "Senior," now go get the discount that comes with it!