The Pros and Cons of Buying Hearing Aids Online

Before the advent of the Internet created the ability to buy hearing aids online, if you were looking to obtain digital hearing aids for yourself or for a loved one, your options were limited. Historically, you would most likely purchase your hearing aids from someone local: a licensed dispenser, a dispensing audiologist, or an otologist, who in turn acquired the hearing aids from a manufacturer. You could also purchase digital hearing aids from mail order businesses, but they were limited in number and offered limited products as well.

But we now live in a technological world, and the Internet has created a global market for millions of products. Whether you are looking to buy a product such as a new television or a medical item such as a pair of prescription contact lenses, you now have the ability to choose from a wide selection of vendors, right from your own home, simply by using the World Wide Web as your guide. As hearing loss affects millions of people, the market for digital hearing aids online has also grown. And now it is possible for a manufacturer to safely sell hearing aids online, direct to customers, cutting out the middleman entirely.

Is buying hearing aids over the Internet really your best choice? It can be, as long as you are careful to make sure that any vendor you choose is following proper medical protocol. If you do your research, buying hearing aids online can save you time and money and can also allow you to purchase the best product for your specific needs.

Time Savings

One of the main benefits to purchasing digital hearing aids online is that you can save a great deal of time. Your comparison shopping can all be done from home, eliminating the need for you to travel from place to place. And once you have ordered your digital hearing aids online, you may get them more quickly. On the other hand, you may need to be without your hearing aid for a longer period of time if you have to send it away for repairs. Find out what the turnaround time on repairs of digital hearing aids will be before you buy.

Cost and Comparison Shopping

Because providers and manufacturers can sell their hearing aids online, customers now have a wider variety of vendor options and, as a result, pricing has become more competitive. Take your time to do a comparison of several sellers of digital hearing aids, both local and online, so you can learn exactly what they are offering for your money. Reputable sellers of hearing aids online will often either list their prices right on their website or will make a price list available to you via email or over the phone. In addition, find out if you are buying your digital hearing aids direct from a manufacturer or from a third party, and what the costs associated with each option will be. When you purchase hearing aids online, you have the ability to get digital hearing aids that use top of the line technology for a great price.

Help Before and During the Sale

It can at first seem daunting to buy your hearing aids online because you may have questions or concerns that you want answered before you make your purchase. Make sure that the provider has customer support available to you via email or telephone. Find out what the provider's policy is about answering questions, and who will be answering your questions. Are there audiologists or licensed fitters of digital hearing aids on staff? Do they promise to be available around the clock? Do they promise to respond within a specific period of time? Will they answer questions before you make a purchase?

When you make your first query, analyze the answer that you are given carefully. If you feel uncomfortable, if you feel like the response is inadequate, or if you feel like you are being pressured to make a purchase before you have had your question answered, you have the right to either ask additional questions or find a different provider who can help you. But, often, online providers of hearing aids will offer you high-quality support to answer all of your questions.

Repairs and Upgrades after the Sale

It can be just as important to have a relationship with the provider of digital hearing aids that you have chosen after you make your purchase as it is during the buying process. However, when you purchase hearing aids online, you may wonder if your relationship with the provider will end once the sale has been made. Unfortunately, this may be the case with some online retailers, and you will have to decide it is worth trading lower prices and good support during the sale for little to no support after the sale.

Find out what the provider's policy is on repairs and upgrades after you have purchased your digital hearing aids. If you need any adjustments performed, can they be made by the provider? Can you make adjustments over the Internet? If you need to return your hearing aid, what sorts of fees are associated with that return? Some providers of hearing aids charge high restocking fees, while others may not. And will there be someone to answer your questions after the sale? The bottom line is that when you buy your digital hearing aids online, you need to find out where you can go for answers after you have made your purchase.

Special Deals

Be wary of vendors who seem to offer excessive discounts or extremely low sale prices. Occasionally these special offers will only be valid on a limited number of hearing aids, and those may be of low quality or have outdated technology. On the other hand, some online providers of digital hearing aids are able to keep their prices low on a regular basis, particularly if the seller is also the manufacturer or is an Internet-only business, and you may be able to find some great deals. Examine sales carefully, and use other factors alongside price to determine whether you are making a good choice of online vendor.


As with any other purchases you may make, either online or offline, it is important to do your homework before buying your hearing aids online. Make sure any seller you consider is diligent about observing proper medical procedures. Then, weigh all the pros and cons, from cost savings to time savings, before you make a final decision. Then you can be sure that when you buy online, you're getting the best digital hearing aids for you.