Why employ mature workers

As the average age of our workers increase, employers can benefit from hiring our most valuable resource: the experienced worker. A trained older workforce becomes more vital to our economy with every passing day.

Employers will find that older workers have a strong work ethic, are dependable, and possess versatile work experiences.

Veterans have not only served their country, but they can bring a wealth of experience to a job.

Older employees:

  • understand the importance of customer service
  • respond positively to new technology
  • are innovative
  • exhibit good judgement
  • are less likely to be involved in work related accidents
  • offer improving quality of work with age
  • are as productive as younger workers (there is little, if any, decline of productivity with age)
  • are committed to their employers
  • generally have lower training costs because of existing skills and lower turnover
  • may have extensive corporate knowledge which should not be wasted
  • demonstrate excellent attendance
  • are likely to stay on a long-term basis