From: Janelle Spence's Travel Chatter for mature travellers

Ahoy there!

Have you ever thought about taking a cruise but wondered if you might get seasick, or if you don't like it you would be stuck on board for days. Well now you have the opportunity to try cruising for as little as two nights. Cruising has become very popular and we are lucky to see more international ships coming in to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Fremantle. It is a great way to travel and see the sights, and only unpack once.

On board, you can be as active as you like, or as relaxed. With such a variety of activities every day it is a wonderful holiday, and Photo of cruise ship especially for those who have different interests. I knew a couple who cruised every year for their annual holidays. She liked to lie around the pool, read and play bingo, and hubby liked to be active with golf and pool volleyball. Each morning they would go off to their different activities and meet up for lunch and dinner with lots of interesting tales to tell each other of what they had been doing and who they had met. But you can also spend your days together!

When you wake in the morning you will find a copy of the daily news under your door. It tells you what is on, at what time and on which deck.

After you have eaten your way through the previous day (all meals included) you might want to start with an early morning jog around the deck or a workout in the gym. There are also the cinema, bingo, quizzes, handicrafts, dancing, table tennis, shuffleboard, ship tours, the casino, beauty salon, and the list goes on. You definitely won't have time to get bored.

And then there are the ports of call.

My husband doesn't own a dinner jacket I hear you say. Well not to worry. On the majority of ships the dress is quite relaxed. Casual clothes by day and for after 5.30pm, smart casual attire in the lounges and restaurants. They do have 1 - 2 formal evenings per cruise where you get to meet the Captain. For these evenings the dress for men is a suit and for women, an after five number. Flat shoes preferably for day time on deck but you can bring out the high heels for night time.

If you are worn out from your daytime activities, you can even have your meals brought to your cabin.

If you haven't cruised before, it would be best to start with an outside cabin. With a window or porthole you get natural light into the cabin. You can check what the weather is like before going on deck and you can see where you are going. Inside cabins are the same size but can be a bit claustrophobic as there are no windows to look out and it is totally dark unless you have the light on. If you would like a bit of privacy and quiet times to while away the hours, then go for a balcony cabin.

Why not start thinking about your next holiday - sailing away into the sunset.