Estate Planning

Will myths keep your last wishes from coming true

Whether you think your will is out-of-date or up-to-date, if any of the statements below sound like things that you have  been saying to yourself, it is time to take another look at your will.

“I am married. Everything is going to my spouse anyway, I don’t need a will.”

Nigel Watson, a Toronto lawyer who has specialized in real estate, wills and estate law for over 40 years, says that a common misconception is that married couples with joint property believe that only one of them needs a will.

Creating Your Own Charitable Endowment using a Donor Advised Fund

A donor-advised fund is a simple, low cost, flexible vehicle for charitable giving, which can be used as an alternative to creating a more complex private foundation. It allows individuals or families to establish a legacy of charitable giving for a lifetime or in perpetuity. A donor-advised fund is a charitable fund managed by a third party who handles all record keeping, collects contributions, and then distributes them to charities as directed by the donor. The types of assets that can be used to fund the account include cash, stocks, bonds or mutual funds.

Estate Planning and Wills

Estate Planning and Wills - Celebrity Wills

Mr Robert Monahan, a Senior Estate Planner with Australian Executor Trustees', said many principles used by celebrities when drawing up their Wills also could be applied in far more routine circumstances for everyday Australians.

"Even though the value of the Estate may vary by millions of dollars, there are still many important lessons to be drawn from the best and worst celebrity Wills.'