Would you mind working forever?

Advertisements by investment companies, travel agencies and real estate agents have shown silver-haired older couples enjoying retirement living on sandy beaches and in exotic locations, trying to cater to the dream many Boomers have about wanting to retire in a tropical destination.

However, a new poll, as reported on ABCNews.com, shows that many seniors, while many still want to spend their retirement in far-flung destinations, think they will have to age closer to home, and where they spent most of their working lives.

According to the news article, the poll, which was commissioned by LifeGoesStrong.com and the Associated Press, money was the biggest reason Boomers say they have to cut their retirement expectations.

“I was hoping I'd be moving to a beach somewhere, anywhere, preferably a warm one,” Shelly Wernholm, 47, a health insurance worker from Ohio, told the news source. “But I'm not moving. I can't. It's hard to remain optimistic.”

The poll showed that six in ten Boomers say their investments have lost money during the past economic recession, and just over half the respondents said they will have to delay their retirement due to loss of investment money.

“I'd like to find someplace that is warmer and doesn't have the high taxes but we'll just have to see,” 60 year-old New Jersey entrepreneur John Fortune told the media outlet.