Why seniors should get more sleep

Two keys to a healthy lifestyle are well known, especially for seniors: exercise and healthy eating. Add to that mental exercises, and one might think that’s it.

But according to a recent article in the Boston Globe newspaper, there’s one area of healthy living which is frequently ignored by seniors and the general population alike: enough sleep.

The newspaper reports that seniors, like many people younger than them, suffer from snoring, insomnia and various other ailments which prevent them from enjoying full nights of sleep.

“It’s not just that people sleep poorly because they’re older. As we get older, we’re more at risk for conditions such as insomina or sleep apnea,” Dr. Atul Malhotra of Harvard Medical School told the news source.

And the dangers of not sleeping properly can be fatal: about 1,500 Americans die every year from falling asleep while driving.

Additionally, the Boston Globe reports that scientists have found that people who have difficulty sleeping often develop diseases such as depression and heart diseases.

Sleep difficulties can affect everyone from teenagers to seniors in assisted living communities, so if you have trouble sleeping, consider paying a visit to your doctor to see if anything can be done.