Which countries will benefit from aging populations?

Although the world’s population is aging at a faster rate than ever before, not all countries are aging at the same pace.

In fact, while some countries such as Japan and Russia are already seeing population drops, other countries such as the United States and Canada have become dependent on immigration to maintain their working populations.

And while developed countries age the fastest, other countries are already brainstorming potential economic benefits for their populations in the near future.

As reported by the Jamaica Observer newspaper, some of the benefits less-developed countries like Jamaica can take advantage of include filling the gap in desired workers in older, affluent countries, as well as taking advantage of an increasing number of wealthy Baby Boomers and seniors, to develop senior-oriented resorts and vacation spots.

Another option, reports the Observer, is for countries like Jamaica to capitalize on the steep expenses of healthcare in many parts of the developed world, and to create and market healthcare options which are more affordable for medical travelers.

What do you think? If you lived in a North American assisted living community, for example, would you travel to less-developed countries to seek medical services at a lower cost? Tell us in the comment section below: