Where do the richest retirees live?

When it comes to ideal retirement destinations, a lot depends on money and budgeting. If one state or location is too pricey, you can always move to a more affordable spot.

But what about the richest Baby Boomers and retirees in the United States? Where are their top retirement spots?

A new study from Bloomberg has found that in the past, Florida was the top choice for wealthy retirees. But no longer. Hunts Point, Washington (population 400) is now number one.

“Most of the homes are on the water or near the water,” Stan Humphries from Zillow, a Seattle-based real estate website. “It’s right across the bridge from Seattle, it’s near Microsoft, and of course it’s a very pretty place.”

Other American towns with large proportions of affluent retirees are Bannockburn, Illinois, which has six miles of equestrian trails, Barton Hills Village, Michigan, nestled among hills and overlooks the Huron River, as well as North Hempstead, on New York City’s Long Island.

What many of these locations have in common is their relatively small size and their rural atmosphere, but within close proximity to large cities.

For these high-income retirees, their choice of assisted living communities in small towns across America may signal a trend that Baby Boomers want the best in retirement, and won’t settle for any less.