Where are the cheapest retirement spots in the US?

There are plenty of lists of best retirement destinations for every type of person- the one looking for a tropical paradise, the one looking for a big city feel, and everything in between.

AARP.org has recently compiled a list of the 10 cheapest retirement spots in the United States, so if your wallet is a major factor in where you decide to retire, see if any of these locations are right for you:

1/ Spokane, Washington
2/ Las Cruces, New Mexico
3/ Eau Claire, Wisconsin
4/ Morgantown, West Virginia
5/ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
6/ San Antonio, Texas
7/ Omaha, Nebraska
8/ Grand Junction, Colorado
9/ Gainesville, Florida
10/ Roanoke, Virginia

Each of these cities can be retired in for as little as $100, according to AARP.  That means a pre-tax income of $36,500, and these top 10 cities may not be the only cheap places in the U.S., but they are some of the nicest.

In Texas, there are dozens of retirement homes in San Antonio and more than 250 sunny days a year. In Gainesville, homes are an affordable $125,000 on average. In Morgantown, retirees can enjoy the Appalachian mountains surrounding the city as they are served by a very high doctor per capita ratio.