What's on your senior housing checklist?

If it’s time for you or your loved one to move to a retirement community or assisted living community, do you know what criteria you should be looking for? The first step required, no matter what kind of senior housing community you are looking for, is to start research as early as possible.

There are many factors you should be looking at, including location, geographic proximity to hospitals, parks and shopping  centers, as well as cost, the community’s safety record, and even the quality of the food being served there.

But the most important point to remember is: keep asking questions.

A recent article on FloridaToday.com interviewed seniors who had recently moved into retirement communities, and many of them said they didn’t know what they were looking for, but they wanted to keep their options open.

"I kept a book on every place I viewed, asked a lot of questions," 71 year-old Julie Davis, who was looking for an assisted living community for her mother, told the news source. "All of us might have to make this kind of move at some time."

Research and patience is required in order to make the best decision possible, but when it comes to family, there is no other option.