What was 2012's Top-Ranked Senior Consumer Story?

A large Canadian newspaper pronounced its top-ranked consumer advocacy story for 2012. The Fixer in The Toronto Star, related that its column's finest moment of of the year was helping 90-year-old Kay Fukumoto find a safe way to a grocery story on her motorized scooter.

A sidewalk with a raised edge obstructed her scooter, and Fukomoto couldn't shop at a store that stocks her favorite pudding. After her scooter nearly toppled while crossing, Fukumoto was afraid to go back.

The Star's fearless consumer advocate took up the case with Toronto's transportation services and the sidewalk was rebuilt within a month of the story.

Fukomoto immediately had her scooter on the road and sped off to the grocery store. "You should have seen me go sailing along," she told The Star. "Grocery shopping is a delight and not a nightmare.”

The grocery store is no longer a forbidden pleasure for Kay Fukumoto.

Many residents of Assisted Living and Continuing Care residences depend on motorized scooters that are kept in fine repair.