What if retirement isn't for you?

After a long economic slowdown that has robbed countless seniors of their retirement savings, many retirees are considering going back to work to help pay for the money lost in the stock market, but barriers still exist. Ageism and other forms of discrimination can make it harder for seniors to find work, but more jobs are being created every day.

“Improved health and longevity are making it possible for the older workforce to do things our grandparents couldn't have done,” economist Barry Bluestone recently told the Calgary Herald. Bluestone told the newspaper that as North America’s population ages, a shortage of skilled workers will force many companies to look to Baby Boomers and seniors specifically as potential workers.

According to Bluestone, who is 67 years old, many of his peers don’t want to stop working completely in one moment, but would prefer a ‘bridge’ career which would allow them to slow down their working lives without fully retiring.

While a bridge career may not be for every Baby Boomer or senior, these kinds of jobs will help many retirees who want the money to pay for assisted living or Alzheimer’s Care communities if they decide to make the move into senior housing.