What is the best way to prevent osteoporosis?

Over the course of their lifetimes, an estimated 30% of women and 20% of men will suffer from some kind of osteoporosis fracture, according to statistics. That makes osteoporosis, which means porous bones, a major health risk to millions of men and women across North America.

But although osteoporosis is a very widespread condition, that doesn’t mean it’s inevitable. In fact, there are everyday steps that can be taken to lower the odds.

As reported recently by the Florida Today newspaper, one of the best ways to fight osteoporosis is to change nutritional habits beforehand.

According to author Dr. John Potomski Jr. of Osler Geriatrics in Melbourne, Florida, a diet rich in calcium and Vitamin D will help strengthen bones and is a powerful tool in warding off osteoporosis.

Calcium and Vitamin D can be found in foods like yogurt, cheese, low-fat milk, and fish such as tuna, salmon and mackerel. Also recommended are vegetables such as potatoes and spinach.

On the opposite end of the health spectrum, as far as bones are concerned, avoid caffeinated tea and coffee, as well as alcohol, because these beverages will lower the calcium density of your bones, according to Dr. Potomski.

And in addition to diet and nutrition, exercises for seniors, including weight lifting will help strengthen your bones and help keep osteoporosis away.