What are the oldest cities in America?

It’s no surprise that countries across the developed world are growing older, with the ranks of seniors and retirees the fastest-growing age bracket in the United States and Canada.

By 2050 in the United States, one in four people will be aged 60 or over, representing a significant jump from the 16.3% in 2002.

But the aging of America is not uniform; some cities and states are becoming much older, much quicker, according to a recent article from Forbes.

The oldest cities in the United States are Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where almost 24% of the population is aged 60 or over, followed by Tampa, Florida, Buffalo, New York, Miami, Florida, and Cleveland, Ohio, Forbes quoted a study from demographer Wendell Cox.

Other than traditional retirement locations in Florida, one of the reasons for the inclusion of cities such as Pittsburg, Detroit and Buffalo on the oldest cities list is a combination of economics and demographics.

Forbes reports that a migration deficit is the prime cause for the aging of these cities, meaning that more people move away than move in, and seniors tend to be less mobile and move to fewer cities than younger people. These cities frequently have migration deficits because of poor economies.