What are the best cities for older workers?

Retirement isn’t what it used to be. More Baby Boomers and seniors are opting for encore careers and second jobs after their official retirement date as a way to bring in extra income or to continue their passions.

For seniors who are looking for an encore career, not all locations provide the same opportunities.

As reported recently by the U.S. News and World Report, Washington, D.C. has the distinction of having the highest proportion of older workers in the country (meaning a high percentage of seniors are still working), with cities such as Madison, Wisconsin and Austin, Texas close behind.

But the picture isn’t as rosy across the United States, experts say. Older workers frequently have harder times finding suitable employment, and a combination of both discrimination and inexperience can be to blame.

“Age discrimination is a barrier that older workers face, and older workers often do not have the skills that employers are seeking today,” Sara Rix with the AARP Public Policy Institute told the news source.

She added that one factor contributing to more seniors on the job hunt is increasing life spans, meaning that retirees have to find the money to support their lifestyle for longer than any generations previously.