Welcome to the retirement home of the future

It’s official: retirement communities are not what they used to be – not by a long shot.

A new assisted living community in North Carolina is promising to be one of the most technologically-advanced buildings around, according to a recent article in the Winston-Salem Journal newspaper.

Asbury Place, located in the city of Winston-Salem, features a swimming pool that rises and lowers, along with a current which allows seniors with mobility challenges to use it like a treadmill. Asbury Place also has a hearing aid mechanism that is attached to the community’s speaker system, so whenever a message is being broadcast, it goes straight into the hearing aid of the resident.

“We've worked really for the better part of five years in trying to bring this about. We've needed it for 25 years,” Arbor Acres president David Piner told the news source.

A number of seniors told the media outlet that since moving to the new community, they have been able to participate in a number of activities, such as swimming, that were limited to them elsewhere.

Asbury Place is part of a larger retirement community complex called Arbor Acres. Winston-Salem is located about 90 miles north-east of Charlotte, North Carolina.