Want to Improve Employee Motivation? Start with Yourself and Your Management Team!

Without a doubt, every healthcare manager should always be asking: What drives my employees? After all, the primary responsibility of all executives and management is to train, motivate, engage, and mentor employees to excel.

You, of course, want your employees to excel so that your organization can meet its overall goals and objectives. Your employees, on the other hand, are usually driven by other factors, which include job satisfaction, recognition, and salary. The trick, therefore, remains in finding a way to motivate employees while also meeting your organization’s vision and mission.

It’s not exactly a simple task, but it can be done. It’s first important to recognize that employees rarely intend to do a poor job or actually want to be unmotivated. Indeed, most employees want to thrive and grow in their current position. If some of your employees aren’t performing efficiently and productively, the first and usually most easy place to look is within you and your management team.

Below are some simple ways to keep your employees engaged in their roles:

  • Keep your door (and your ears) open. If you don’t provide a general atmosphere of open discussion, it will be difficult for employees to understand their roles, responsibilities, and goals—all of which affect motivation and productivity. Touch base with your employees often, and make sure they understand what is expected of them. Moreover, give your employees a platform to voice their ideas. Let them know they have an open invitation to talk to you.
  • Communicate the company vision in a way employees can relate to. Employees must understand and believe in your healthcare organization’s vision. If they do, they are much more likely to remain motivated. Just remember that most healthcare employees are willing to commit to a task if they are given a good reason and understand how their role is important and impacts the bottom line. Explain the company’s vision in a way that clearly illustrates the role they play in achieving that vision.
  • Ask for input. Rewards and recognition are perhaps one of the greatest motivators of all. So, ask employees for their opinions on how things could be done more effectively. Then follow up and acknowledge their successes as their suggestions are implemented. Give employees credit!
  • Provide room for learning and growth. Autonomy and innovation promote employee engagement and enthusiasm. The most successful managers give employees the opportunity to try new ideas and processes without severe repercussions. If employees want to lead a project or implement a new idea, give them the freedom to do so. Be there as a coach and mentor. If they make mistakes, point out where they could improve in the future.

The tips above identify the areas where healthcare organizations can help keep their workforce remain committed and motivated. Remember that your healthcare professionals usually always need the guidance of skilled managers and leaders who seek their ideas, ask for feedback and generate enthusiasm. When leaders provide this, they are more able to generate a sense of purpose and energy among their employees.

“An employee's motivation is a direct result of the sum of interactions with his or her manager.”
—Bob Nelson