Virginia Houses Senior Center without Walls

Keeping fit through exercise is a key factor of health. It's an all-over winner because it helps the body stay firm and the mind stay fresh. And this outcome is true across the board, from children to older adults.

The needs of seniors are specific to their age group. Exercise needs to be in keeping with growing fraility and maintain a social, non-competitive aspect.

In Burke and Springfield, VA, in Fairfax County, seniors wondered how they could get their fill of exercise when budget restraints nullified the construction of a senior center. But through thoughtful perseverence a popular weekly program serves more than 60 participants in each class.

Edna Ludden, 71, who participates in a line-dancing class told Voice of America: "I love it. I like to come. It is good to get some exercise, it makes me happy." She added,"It's good for my brain because I have to remember these steps."

Corazon Foley, another attendee, disputed with local authorities who questioned the financial prospects of building a senior center. So, the Burke/West Springfield Senior Center Without Walls, a senior center with programs but without a building, was born.

Churches, schools, libraries and businesses, offer a virtual center with activities such as yoga, Tai Chi, book clubs and computer classes.

“When you help the seniors get better," Foley told the media source, "You are helping the families, and the whole community get better in that sense.”

Keeping fit plays a big part in Active Living and Continuing Care.