Video catches grandmother's horrifying skydiving mishap

Skydiving is probably one of the most extreme things any person can do. Jumping out of a moving airplane at thousands of feet in the air is not for the nervous, and one 81 year-old California grandmother Laverne Everette, went skydiving, and the video of her jump has gone viral on the internet, garnering more than 300,000 views.

Her skydive occurred nearly 13 months ago, but her video has only recently spread.

What made her skydiving memorable was a horrifying mishap which occurred; right after she jumped out of the plane, her harness broke, and she nearly fell out of the hands of her skydiving instructor. Fortunately, he grabbed her and held onto her until they landed safely.

“I kind of froze I guess you would say, my knees had given out inside the plane,” Everette told CBS after her video had appeared online. In the video, Everette is shown repeatedly refusing to jump out of the plane, until her instructor pulls her out.

During the scary experience, she told CBS that her natural reaction was to hold on as tightly as she could. “Put yourself in my position, I think you’d be holding on too.”

If Everett ever moves into an assisted living community, she will have one of the best stories around to share.