Use of Medical Marijuana Growing in Senior Residences

Even with an ever increasing array of laboratory medication, the best health experts in the world cannot cure everything. The number one barrier is pain.

Alternative health sources from natural herbs have become popular, and even sanctioned by doctors. The number one herbal pain killer is medical marijuana.

Many people claim it reduces pain from cancer chemotherapy, AIDS, glaucoma, and some neurological problems. Age-related deterioration leading to sleep problems and elevated levels of anxiety in older adults is found to be alleviated. Cannabis targets pain receptors and helps pain sufferers to relax and enjoy healthy bodily functions and movement.

To date, 14 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana.

The growth of medical marijuana was surveyed in an October 2010 article in AARP, describing Active Lifestyle and Independent Living residents championing the cause.

Lonnie Painter, 64, who has lived in Southern California’s Laguna Woods Village for 11 years, told AARP: "We've already got a medical marijuana collective for people with prescriptions from their doctors."

Painter said that residents are trying to set up a medical marijuana club for people who are interested in the medicinal benefits of marijuana. A retired restaurateur, Painter smokes marijuana to ease chronic arthritic pain. "I've been able to cut back on prescription painkillers by 50 to 60 percent," he told the media source.

Laguna Woods Village received a lot press for championing pot, and are prepared to face the claims of naysayers who believe that users of medicinal marijuana are being given a convenient cover to get high.

But with mainstream medical researchers coming up with more evidence about the efficacy of medical marijuana in pain management, it seems the movement will continue to be on the upswing.