The Top 5 Hobbies for Seniors

Hobbies are a tonic for tired minds. They keep us focused and alert. They can be educational, fun, solitary or sociable.

Hobbies can be extremely beneficial for seniors. Retirement Hobbies, a site designed for seniors seeking out that special pastime, lists a plethora of hobbies. Here are their Top 5 hobbies.

1. Poetry Groups. These groups offer a cultured sociability wherein older adults can discuss and read aloud poetry, study and converse about their favorite rhymes.

2. Senior Softball. It's non-competitive and social. Participants get to joke around in the old time sports tradition, and keep fit without risking injury.

3. Collecting And Selling Antiques. It's a perfect hobby for retired people because it sharpens the mind about old time treasures that seniors relate to. The antique business can be low-key and still allow seniors to sharpen their business skills on their budget.

4. Digital Photography. Digitization has removed the fuss and buss associated with film photography. No more expensive lab processing. Digital photography is instantaneous. Most important, it's easy. Seniors can become a shutter bug with minimal effort. Older adults have easy access to a tool that can take them wherever they want:

  • Nature
  • The City
  • Family Outings
  • Cars
  • Just about anything

5.  Model Cars. They're a great hobby for past-their-prime car lovers. In retirement, something more sedate is in order. Building model cars is for the crafty, patient retiree. It's lots of fun and inspiring as projects come together.

Those are the top 5 pastimes listed by Retirement Hobbies. Here are some other great hobbies for seniors as listed by the website.

  • Fishing
  • Build a Birdhouse
  • Golf
  • Volunteering
  • Genealogy
  • Scrap booking

Hobbies are very big activities in Assisted Living and Continuing Care.