Think it's too late for marriage? Think again

In both the United States and Canada, the average age at first marriage is about 28 for women and about 30 for men. But if you’re past that age, and still looking for a marriage partner, don’t fret: it’s never too old to find Mr. or Mrs. Right.

As reported in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review newspaper, 88 year-old Betty Jane Allshouse, Pittsburgh retirement home resident, recently became a newlywed for the first time, having married in November.

“I‘d given up; I never thought I‘d get married,” Allshouse told the newspaper. “I just gave up thinking about it, and then this one came along.” But she eventually did find her partner in 78 year-old Walter Lowman, a fellow resident at the Masonic Village retirement community in the Pittsburgh suburb of Sewickley.

The pair met soon after Allshouse moved into the home on February 14 - Valentine’s Day – last year, and after months of courtship, Lowman approached his beloved in a hallway and popped the question.

Allshouse told the news source that after her parents died nearly 40 years ago, she felt alone and without immediate family until marrying Walter Lowman, and now she feels fortunate to be accepted into a new family.