Texas retirement home will feel like luxury hotel

Some people might expect a retirement community in Texas to feel, well, Texan. But one community, soon to be built in the state capital of Austin, will feel more like a luxury hotel, the builders recently told the Austin American-Statesman newspaper.

The retirement community, Westminster Manor, will be adding a new wing called Windsor Building, which will offer services across the continuum of care: 75 apartments for independent living seniors, 22 assisted living apartments, and 85 skilled nursing rooms.

The existing community, located in the north-west end of Austin, is 294,000 square feet, and was built in 1967. The new addition is more than just an afterthought: it will be 203,000 square feet, and the two buildings will share a yoga studio, an indoor swimming pool, an auditorium, a café, as well as an exercise room.

Adrienne Faulkner of the Faulkner Design Group told the newspaper that she tried to create an environment where people would want to live, and she hopes it will be “warm and welcoming, like the people.”

Monthly fees at Windsor Building will range from $3,109 to $6,112, and there are also various financing and payment options, so it will be available to a wide range of Austin seniors.