Texas grandmother aiming to become NFL Cheerleader

Have you ever been to a football game, or watched one live? Did you see the cheerleaders? If you did, you probably noticed that they were either teenagers or those in their 20s and 30s. But if one Texas woman has her way, you might soon notice a grandmother out on the field.

As reported recently by Yahoo! News, 55 year-old Sharon Simmons of Carrolton, Texas, a suburb Dallas, is auditioning to be a cheerleader with the Dallas Cowboys football team.

Simmons has dreamt of being a cheerleader ever since she was 22 years old, but according to the news source, at that time she was a young mother, and she also lacked the time and money required for her to be able to seriously try out.

But things are different today for the grandmother of two, and she recently tried out again, against many other women less than half her age. To get in shape, and to train for the tryout, Simmons hired a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, and despite a few missteps at her rehearsal, she remains optimistic.

“For me, it has been about the journey,” Simmons is quoted as saying. To date, the oldest Cowboys cheerleader was 41 years old.
If things keep moving for Simmons, she might find herself as the in-house cheerleader for an assisted living community one day. After all, Simmons is teaching us that no goal is out of reach.