Texas crowns a senior beauty queen

There’s a popular saying that beauty is only skin deep, meaning that however attractive you might be, it’s your personality which makes you truly beautiful.

But for one group of Texas seniors, that doesn’t mean outward appearance isn’t important, either.

As reported recently by the Star Local News, 20 women from across Texas recently gathered in Frisco, near Dallas, for the Ms. Texas Senior America Pageant.

Contestant Debbie Baker told the newspaper that she entered the contest to help motivate her children and grandchildren to push themselves and to not see advanced age as an obstacle to any of their goals.

The Ms. Texas Senior America Pageant also featured a talent component, and Baker, for her part, dressed as a flight attendant and walked judges and the audience through a lesson on how seniors can, in their journey of life, make the most out of their time.

According to one of the pageant managers, all the women who participated in the competition encouraged judges and organizers to look more positively at aging.

“They are inspiring role models and mentors not only to their peers, but also to the younger generation.”

The recently-crowned winner is Lillie Madison who will represent Texas in the national Ms. Senior America competition, to be held in New Jersey in October.

And when Madison takes the stage and represents the Lone Star State, you can bet that seniors across Texas’ assisted living communities will be cheering.