Talking bout the Boomer Generation

My Generation, the angry, snarling teen anthem released by The Who in 1965 was an instant hit for young Boomers. The lyric resonated: "I hope I die before get old." These days, the front ranks of the Baby Boomer generation look down on the brink of the retirement age of 65.

"Why don't you all f-fade away," was a mangled, stuttered intonation that replaced a universal obscenity. "Don't try to dig what we all say." The forever young Boomers will be hard pressed to admit to the truth of aging. Instead, many will nourish a satisfying longevity. They will not simply 'f-fade away.'

Success in life span expectancy will come with medical, technological and lifestyle advances. Examples: anti-smoking, better diet, progress in physiotherapy, improved surgical techniques and drug advancements. "Life expectancy is going up by two years every decade," said celebrated Canadian demographer, David Foot - author of Boom, Bust & Echo - in University of Toronto's Fall 2011 EDGE magazine. "Someone who is 50 years old has actually seen an increase of 10 years in life expectancy".

During this longer Boomer life expectancy, the quality of life will come with great demands and sacrifice. How will Boomers be 'talkin' bout their generation' in 10 years? Boomers are emboldened to exercise three to five times a week - running, swimming, biking, yoga - to counter cartilage and knee damage, tendinitis and stress fractures.

Boomers remain as defiant as they were in the 60s and pose a unique challenge to the retirement industry. There will be changes to accommodate the crowd that hoped to die before it got old.