Symposium educates seniors on sex

When seniors move into assisted living communities, many topics are on the minds of many adult children: food, safety, comfort, the quality of nursing and care staff, among others.

But according to a recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, sex is still a possibility for aging seniors in assisted living communities, despite common belief that it is uncommon among older people.

“There is tremendous ageism that demeans sexuality and aging. People ignore it,” Peggy Brick, 83, a sex educator, told the news source. “If people understand the changes they'll go through, they're much less likely to be upset by them, and they can maintain their intimacy as they age.”

Brick recently spoke at a conference in Philadelphia at Widener University on the topic of sexuality and aging, and the aim of the symposium was to raise awareness, as well as educating seniors on the topic. Some of the sessions discussed topics such as online dating.

Carol Cobb-Nettleton, a psychologist who spoke at the conference, discussed the mental health issues that go along with aging, and told the media outlet that if people can understand their aging bodies, they are more likely to accept it, and be more comfortable with themselves as a result.