Is Swimming Good For Seniors?

You bet it is!

Here's are 4 good reasons, according to Senior Health 365.

1. Swimming for Muscle Mass

Swimming helps get back the loss of muscle mass during advancing age. The elderly tend to be more sedentary than younger adults. Swimming works on many muscle groups and assists in slowing down muscle loss.

2. Swimming for Bone Strength

Over time the bones of elderly people weaken. Bone strength is developed by swimming. The greater the force, the stronger the bones. Swimming's muscle development rebuilds bone strength.

3. Swimming for Joint Health

The cartilage lining of the joints declines with age. Exercising, walking and jogging, becomes difficult with an increase of force on the joints. Water's bouyancy reduces joint stress while swimming. The pain of joint strain is greatly reduced.

4. Swimming for Cardiovascular Benefit

Exercise improves the heart and blood vessels when someone exercises regularly. The elderly are prone to high blood pressure when the heart and blood vessels narrow due to stress. Heart attack and stroke may result. Swimming is a proficient cardiovascular exercise that raises heart functioning. It is also a good way to lose weight.

Swimming is popular in Assisted Living and Continuing Care residences.