Super Octogenarian Dreams of Olympics 2012

The Summer Olympics will open at the end of July, in London, England, a showcase for the world's greatest athletes.

Track and field is a must-see with the presence of Jamaica's Usain Bolt, three gold medal winner at Beijing in 2008. Bolt blazed to gold in 100 meters and 200 meters dashes and in the 4 x 100 relay.

Cleveland resident, 84-year-old R.G. Wolf will be watching  the Games from his Ohio home. A talented athlete in his youth, Wolf competes in age-division track and field, reports The Cleveland Daily Banner.

Most of Wolf's athletic accomplishments took place in Tennessee, where he lived with his wife and family. In 2011, he excelled in track and field events. He placed first in the 50 meter dash, 100 meter dash, 200 meter run, 400 meter run, 800 meter run, 1500 meter run, long jump, discus, javelin, shot put, and 1500 meter walk.

He won in swimming in the 100 meter freestyle, 50 meter backstroke, 100 meter breaststroke, 50 meter breaststroke. He also triumphed in the basketball three-point shot and basketball hot-shot.

This year Wolf competed in the 80-84 age division, the very top of his age-division. Next year he will be moving up to the 85-89 division, and expects the competition to be tough, reported The Cleveland Daily Banner.

Wolf will be rooting for Team USA in London, England, though he'd love to compete.