Sudoku for Seniors is still a Puzzle

Millions of dollars of research have gone into unlocking the mysteries of Sudoku and crosswords in keeping active and intact the minds of seniors. Many older adults attest that these puzzle games help them maintain nimble minds that would become unused in assisted living and continuing care residences.

But scientists remain skeptical about these testimonials. In Two Regular Guys Talking about Food, Exercise and Men's Health, mental fitness programs are deemed as a small part of the solution.

Professor Sam Wang, Ph.D. Molecular Molecular Biology and Neuroscience, Princeton University, told the media source that,“unless the activities that you’re practicing span a broad spectrum of abilities, then there is not a proven general benefit to these mental fitness programs. So, the idea that any single brain exercise program late in life can act as a quick fix for general mental function is almost entirely faith-based.”

Moderate exercise, especially walking brings much-needed blood flow and oxygen to the brain. Puzzles and mental games are unproven in helping increase brain activity. Still, researchers find credit in Sudoku and crosswords despite lack of scientific proof. Both intellectual and physical activities are good for the heart and mind.