Study suggests small group homes are good for dementia patients

Study shows dementia patients respond well to group homesA new study conducted by researchers from Maastricht University found that dementia patients and their families respond very well to small group housing centers, where the nurse-to-patient ratio is much smaller, giving off a family-style feel.

The amount of people suffering from dementia is expected to rise a great deal as baby boomers start to enter retirement age. Therefore, it is imperative that effective treatment and care is established. These small group home settings give the aging parent a sense of camaraderie with the others, and many are happy to spend their retirement living in these homes.

"The findings of our study indicate that the key to providing person-centered care for people with dementia is to enable people to be themselves and live in an environment where they and their families can get involved in normal daily activities," said Ezra van Zadelhoff, the author of the study.

Zadelhoff explained that there are some problems with the model, as nurses can become extremely close to the patients that they are providing Alzheimer's care to.