Study looks into which exercises improve senior balance

Certain exercises can help seniors with balanceA new study conducted by researchers from the Glasgow Caledonian University attempted to discover which exercises can truly help a senior improve and maintain balance.

The researchers examined 94 studies that had a total of 9,917 participants, and listed various exercises that improved balance. Some of these exercises included strengthening, three-dimensional workouts such as Tai Chi or dancing, general physical activity, exercise that involved vibrating platforms and fitness routines that targeted a person's walking, balance and coordination.

"Although the duration and frequency of these exercise programs vary, in general the effective programs ran three times a week for a duration of three months and involved exercises that challenged people's balance while they were standing," said lead author Professor Tracey Howe. "Interestingly we found that walking and cycling generally do not improve balance, although they have many other beneficial effects."

Howe added that they will continue to study these workouts, as some of the research was not of the best quality.

Those who want to keep up an active lifestyle well into their retirement living years may want to consider some of these exercises to maintain muscle strength and prevent falls.