Staying Engaged, Hobbies for Seniors

Keeping the mind active is vital at all ages. Younger and older people need stimulation to stave off boredom. The mind may not be a physical organ but it needs exercise.

In late April, 2012, Hive Health Media posted 5 Hobbies to Keep Senior Citizens Engaged. These hobbies are essential in Assisted Living and Continuing Care residences and for Retirement Living.

Logic Puzzles
Crossword puzzles and Sudoko are listed as topnotch memory games to keep the mind active. Also, reading, of all sorts was recommended.

New Skills
Adult education classes are recommended, like carpentry, bird watching, painting, and others. These classes double up as a social opportunity to make to new friends.

In the digital era when memories are transferred to computer files and shared instantaneously, it's important to keep the hands active with paper and scissors, arranging photos in a personally satisfying way. Scrapbooking is a pastime that is growing and boutique stores are popping up to satisfy this new trend.

Hunting for coupons and saving on spending is a bit like a senior scavenger hunt. Coupons give the satisfaction of feeling thrifty and can be a proactive way for seniors to stretch their budgets.

Healthy mind, healthy body. Physical exercise strengthens the mind because the body and mind are related. Keeping physically fit improves mental capacity. For older adults, gentle exercises are recommended: yoga, pool aerobics, and Tai chi. Remember nutrition is important. You are what you eat.