South Carolina seniors compete in mini-olympics

Staying physically active is a great way to stay in shape and keep mentally strong, and that’s true at any age, particularly among seniors.
But what’s even better than staying active and keeping healthy while aging? Winning awards at the same time.

As reported recently in the The Times and Democrat newspaper, a large group of seniors competed in South Carolina’s 17th annual Edisto Senior Games, which took place on Thursday, October 18 in the town of Orangeburg.

At the contest, the roughly 75 seniors competed at golf, softball, basketball, horseshoes, stationary bicycles, treadmills, and even ping-pong.

The participants told the newspaper they were grateful to have the opportunity to play with their peers, and enjoy the exercise at the same time.

“It reminds me of when I was young and could play ball. I just like the exercise and seeing how everybody gets along,” said Bell Glover, a 75 year-old Orangeburg resident and games participant.

The games were organized by the Orangeburg Department of Parks and Recreation, and Jackie Fogle, the city’s superintendent of recreation, told the newspaper the primary goal was to encourage both physical activity and social engagement among local seniors.

Orangeburg is a city of 15,000 people in central South Carolina, about 40 miles southeast of the state capital of Columbia.

Do you live in a South Carolina retirement home? Have you ever competed in the Edisto Senior Games? Tell us about it in the comment section below.