South Carolina politician tours retirement homes

Glenn McConnell is traveling across South Carolina learning about what challenges are facing the elderly. McConnell is the state’s Lieutenant-Governor, and for the last two months, he has been visiting South Carolina assisted living communities, nursing homes and retirement homes, and trying to learn the needs local older people.

As reported in The Sun News, a Myrtle Beach newspaper, the 64 year-old McConnell, a native of the city of Charleston, is visiting seniors from across the state in an attempt to secure more funding for the Office on Aging.

“I want to come up with stories, faces and facts to take back to the General Assembly and create a grassroots movement,” he told the newspaper. “I know there are lobbyists at the front door competing for the money.”

As part of his tour, McConnell has also taken part in local activities, including delivering meals to needy seniors and meeting them for personal discussions about their needs.

And although McConnell told the news source that he remains convinced of the need for enough beds for those looking for assisted living communities, the associated costs can be difficult for the South Carolina state government to handle.

Therefore, the best way to keep the needed services at a reasonable cost is to find how the assisted living communities themselves handle costs, McConnell said, and he will use those findings to develop a 15-year strategic plan.