Social experiment: Young adult lives at assisted living facility

Reports shows assisted living seniors are happiest in new homeThe Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) feels as though there is a gap between the seniors and people who have just graduated college. In an effort to narrow the gap, and have both generations gain a better understanding of each other, 22-year-old Jackie Kerin spent five days living in an assisted living facility in Richmond, Virginia. She recorded her experience interacting with the seniors in the home and reported back with her impressions.

Kerin felt as though the seniors at this particular place felt isolated before they entered the home, but ever since they arrived they have been able bond close relationships with one another. The community in itself feels like a home, as the private apartments are furnished exactly how they would be if the senior was living independently, she noted.

In addition, seniors remained engaged in the outside community, exercised and were quite busy overall. Kerin reported that the food was good, which is not something she believed would have been the case. Finally, the employees truly looked at the seniors as family, and treated them as such.