Skype Bridges Long Distances for Seniors

Skype is a software application that allows people to speak with each other across great distances at a fraction of the cost of telephone. Videoconferencing is an incredible application of Skype technology. Till recently, Skype has been the domain of youthful advocates of computers and the Internet, but seniors are catching on.

Shura Eadie, an 89-year-old resident at Toronto's Grenadier Retirement Home, has been engaged in a Skype conversation with her grandson, granddaughter-in-law and her two young great-grandchildren more than 1,700 km away in Bermuda, writes

More than 30 seniors and 15 students have been helping residents become more Web savvy at two seniors' homes, including the Grenadier, where Ms. Eadie lives, reports the media source. Eadie also is a Facebook fan where she maintains contact with relatives.

A documentary crew headed by Brenda Rusnak is filming the growth of Internet savvyness by seniors at Grenadier Retirement Home. "One of the goals of the documentary is to inspire young people to teach someone older," Rusnak told Rusnak's daughter Saffron is directing the film.

The filmmakers believe there is always room for those who have a sense of adventure and a passion for learning.

Learning computer applications are important innovations in Active Lifestyle and Continuing Care residences.