Six Tips for Selling to Boomer Grandparents

Half of Boomers are grandparents…..and they’re proud of it! What does that mean to your retirement community sales efforts?

First, it is helpful to look at the grandparent phenomenon. Becoming a first-time grandparent comes at an early age -- around age 50, right in the wheelhouse of many of your prospects. Fifty percent of all grandparents end up with five or more grandkids. It’s an emotionally important and rewarding experience, and one that can help you sell more retirement properties if you understand how grandparenting fits the “retirement living experience.”

Grandparents are the family symbol of both past and future. They provide continuity with the past, linking memories of deceased family members and the personal events that distinguish the family's history. Most grandparents and grandchildren get along very well and have a close relationship.

Grandparents tend to be highly involved in their grandchildren’s lives and a majority of them feel responsibility toward them. As they are considering your retirement community, many have their minds on their grandchildren. That makes it easier for you to connect deeply with them and show them the advantages of your property when grandkids visit.

Here are five tips for selling to grandparents:

  1. When you know they have grandkids, ask about them. How many do they have? What ages are they? Where do they live? You might even ask to see a recent picture of the kids. Most grandparents love to have you ask. Jot down their names, ages and where they live.
  2. Demonstrate that your facility cares about grandkids. Create a photo album in your sales lobby of residents and their grandchildren. Current residents will love the opportunity to “show off” their grandkids.
  3. Celebrate National Grandparents Day, the first Sunday after Labor Day. Arrange a grandparent event at a restaurant or community meeting room. Talk it up in your community newsletter and on your website.
  4. Build a library and loan out books and CDs, and provide internet sources such as or
  5. Help grandparents buy gifts for grandkids of many ages. Your local stores will help. Invite a speaker to talk about grandparenting.
  6. Arrange discounts and two-for-one deals for grandparents and grandchildren at local amusement parks, museums, zoos and other places of regional interest.

If you’re not a grandparent yourself, it’s difficult to fully comprehend the emotional power of the grandparent-grandchild relationship. Think back to how you felt about your relationship with your grandparents, if you were lucky enough to know them. They’ll do almost anything to help grandchildren be happy and succeed in life!

Whatever you choose to do in saluting grandparenthood, it will be a winner!