Six tips to keeping your new year resolution intact

New Year’s 2012 is rapidly becoming a distant memory, but what about all those resolutions made for the new year, such as exercising more or eating healthier? How can retirement living seniors keep these resolutions for as long as possible?

According to a recent article from, there are six tips which seniors can use to help them stay on track. First, people should understand what first triggers their bad habits, and when it does happen, they can stop it before it happens.

Second, retirement living seniors can replace old habits with good ones, instead of just trying to make the bad habit disappear for good. Third, according to Joseph Baschnagel, assistant professor of psychology at Rochester Institute of Technology, try to train your brain to think less about immediate gratification coming from your habits, and instead try to think about the long-term benefits about kicking that habit.

The fourth tip is to train yourself and keep your new good habit going for at least three weeks. The fifth tip is to look for help, whether from friends, therapy, a doctor, or anyone who can be of assistance. And the sixth tip for kicking bad habits, and keeping your new year’s resolutions, is to stay physically active.

According to the news source, when people stay active with exercise, their brains become trained to try out new things- like a new year’s resolution.