Six Proven Strategies to Stress Free Retirement Planning

Retirement, has often been called 'The Golden Years.' But times have changed a lot! Baby boomers' stock portfolios and real estate values took a beating at the end of 2008.

Boomers need to know how to plan for a stress free retirement. And despite the bad economic news, there's six simple ways to get through retirement, unscathed, according to, an online government news source. Adapt the strategies for yourself, even if your not a government employee.

1. Enroll in a pre-retirement seminar. Study about the coordination and details of retirement. This approach will be faster than researching on your own. If your employer doesn't offer a pre-retirement seminar, ask if it will pay for one conducted by a third party provider. If all else fails, pay for one yourself.

2. Meet with a benefits counselor in personnel. Go through your retirement outlook. You need to find out when you’ll be eligible to retire.

3. Ensure your beneficiary designations are current. Be sure to specify who you want to receive your benefits.

4. Check with the Social Security Administration. Determine eligibility for Social Security benifits.

5. Review your personnel records as you get closer to retirement. Update your beneficiary designations in case something has changed in your life — such as marriage, divorce or the death of a designee.

6. Pick a date to retire. Even though economic times are tough, it's important to have a goal and to try to stick to it. Aimlessly working into the twilight years offers no solution.